Why College Is A Waste Of Time And Money

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Ever since I was little I was always told that our generation had to go to college to get a job. As I grew up I was told our generation had to go to college to get a job that makes good money. Now that I am in college and have taken out student loans, I realize even more that I need a high paying job to help me financially. I do not want all the money I will have to pay back go to waste. College is a very expensive place so it cannot be taken as a joke. It is simple a person must get good grades and get good money but my perspective was changed a little when I read a very unique article. “College is a Waste of Time and Money” by Caroline Bird is an article about why higher education is a complete waste. Bird has first-hand knowledge on the matter. She has done many lectures on college campuses. While at these …show more content…
The words give the reader an emotional connection and how the article can effect real people. The article can also appeal to the reader’s emotions. For example, one student said,” In two years I’ll pick up a diploma and I can honestly say it was a waste of my father’s bread” (375). By Bird adding this quote, the reader can sense that the student who was interviewed was highly upset with his time at college. Another student had said, “For two years I was really interested in science, but in my junior and senior years I just kept saying, ‘I’ve done two years; I’m going to finish.’ When I got out I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to school anymore because so many of my courses had been bullshit” (374). This quote is really powerful because it shows that a graduate of a University thought his time at college was a waste. It is extra powerful by his vulgar language. By appealing to pathos, Bird can get the reader to feel how others feel on the matter. This is very strategical because Bird can get the readers to feel how she wants them too making her article

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