Essay on Why College Degree Is Worth The Time

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Do you find yourself questioning whether or not a college degree is something you really need? With the way the economy and job market has been in the past 10 years, you’d be sort of crazy if you didn’t. That said, we are extremely passionate about higher education and it’s value to individuals, families and communities. The following are just a few of the more important reasons why a college degree is worth the time, effort, stress and the cost it will require to earn one.

Higher Earning Potential
One of the most important and obvious reasons to earn a college degree is to increase your earning potential. That fact of the matter is, if you obtain a college degree, you’re more likely to earn more money throughout your career than if only have a high school education. According to the United States Census Bureau, individuals achieve the following degree levels earned the following median annual salaries: PhD’s, $100,000 or more; master’s, $63,000; bachelor’s, $55,700; associate’s, $42,000; high school diploma, $32,500. In addition, on average, bachelor’s degree holders earn about $2.3 million over their lifetime, while those with advanced degrees, including master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees earning $2.7 million, $3.2 million and $3.7 million, respectively. However, area of study and career field have a huge impact of annual salary and lifetime earnings. For example, a bachelor’s degree holder that works in management or engineering will usually earn more than…

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