Why College Composition Was A Mandatory A Little Part Of My Brain Shuts Down

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Looking and down and seeing that College Composition was a mandatory a little part of my brain shuts down. Writing has always been my worst subject, always a struggle. No matter how much I try each essay will either be really bad or sub par. After a semester of Intensive College Composition, I realized that I needed to have more confidence in my work. Also realizing that waiting to the last minute was not going to work, taking it step-by-step days before will have a better outcome. After my first couple of assignments I was scared to see how I was going to do in this class, but then I got my first essay back. Shocked by the grade even though it wasn’t that good, but it was the first time I got positive feedback from an essay. My professor and I sat down and discussed the things that I could fix, but again something good about it! Then the next day in class we were assigned to discuss “Core Values” but I had never heard of this in writing before. Learning five total values each one was demonstrated in class in relation to my writing process. Introducing the first core value, which is an understanding, that writing is a practice in which involve a multi-stage, recursive and social process. After receiving an assignment I need to take it in with an open mind, not to be negative, because then I won’t try to full potential. I have to take the assignment and look at it from all viewpoints to be able to see all the possibilities. But being aware that there are many different…

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