Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mom Analysis

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Professor at Yale Law School, Amy Chua, writes about her unique style of parenting. Chua wrote “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, a passage from her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom. The article was then excerpted and put into the Wall Street Journal, and was written to show her strict approach to parenting. This article quickly gained attention from parents around the world and was surrounded by conflicting opinions. The piece has caused controversy throughout America and has made parents from around the world question their parenting style. Allowing the readers to reflect and compare the situations they went through as a child, Chua introduces a parenting style that can be seen as different and harsh to kids in America. Chua dismisses …show more content…
Chua chooses to use words that strike a certain chord with readers throughout the passage. Chua claims that she and other Chinese parents can “order” their kids to get straight A's. Even calling a Chinese mother who witnesses her child getting a B as “devastating.” Not only does she describe the events in an exaggerated and condescending tone, but even belittles the way Western parents teach their kids. When trying to teach her daughter to play a difficult piano piece, Chua said, “I used every weapon and tactic that I could think of” (Chua 265). The language she chooses to use has a very emotional appeal and can change the way the readers view the passage. She acts as if this is a war between her daughter, when really it is just a disagreement. Every mother and child have a fight at least once in their life, but it is never the end of the world. A way to get her point across more convincingly would have been to use less intense words. Chua had a right to be upset that her daughter was having a difficult time learning the piano piece, but did not need to go to that extent.
Another flaw would be the fact that Chua never allows the benefits of Western parenting to be shown. There have been many successful people in the world that have not even graduated college, yet Chua makes the audience believe that the only way to be successful is to be intelligent and at the top of your class. There is no guarantee that
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This argument is supported with evidence that is seen as unacceptable way to parent, from parents around the world. While disregarding any other forms of parenting, Chua never sees the positives to other parenting styles. She uses offensive terms towards the Westerning types of parents. The article only sometimes captures the positives of growing up with Chinese parenting. Chua argues that her parenting style is “superior” when really it can be seen as too strict and

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