Why Child Disciplined Must Be Enforced Essay

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Why Child Disciplined Need to be Enforced

Never in my life have I ever encountered such disciplinary action. Growing up you realize the morality behind every action you do and the possible consequences that follows. However, it seems that social media has contradict this statement as to where teenagers or even parents let their children “get away” with words and actions not suitable for their age. Saddening and upsetting as we see others be entertained at the inappropriate behavior of the child and the lack of discipline the adults seem to shortfall when putting it on their children. Probably during your everyday life you have come across a whining, out of control, disobedient child throwing misfits in the grocery line store. That can be very annoying especially considering the fact that the caregiver is not doing anything to “tame” him or her. Disciplinary action needs to take place. Child disciplined need to be enforced because it is necessary for well-being and happiness, essential for healthy child development, and without discipline children can lack the ability to navigate themselves through challenges and gain healthy relationships. The most joyous moments in a parent’s life is to see their child happy. Giving them incentives such as toys and ice-cream just to put a smile on their little faces. However, one must not splurge the child with such positive gifts because then the child will feel that he or she must always get what they want, when they…

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