Why Cheating Is The Right Thing, But When No One Is Watching Essay

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Stop Cheating

As C.S. Lewis said “integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”. In these days is really difficult to find honest persons, and it’s almost impossible to find persons with a perfect academic integrity. In today days between 75 and 98 percent of college students admit that they cheated at least once in high school (www.glass-castle.com).
Academic integrity effects any type of institutions, from elementary schools to undergraduate programs in universities. Also, millions of people are affected by this type of integrity. Cheating, morals and prevention are important factors related to academic integrity.
In this modern society people do whatever it takes to succeed, no matter what method they have to use. Cheating is the most common method students use to reach those goals. The huge increase in technology make things easier to academic cheaters, also the lack of morals is a really important factor. Nowadays cheating is a very easy option; there are a lot of alternatives to cheat. Some ways that students use to cheat are: text messages, programming their smartphones with the answers, using notes, and plagiarism. This last one is the most used by students. Plagiarism is the practice of using or taking someone else’s ideas and using them as own. The first time I cheated was terrible, I got caught. That irresponsible act brought me a lot of bad consequences, in my house and in school. I was very young and also stupid so I decided to use some…

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