Why We Can T Sleep At Night

Can’t sleep at night? There is hundreds of reasons why. Everyone has had a rough night of sleep, which brought them to question something being really wrong. Through your lifestyle, anxiety and depression you can cause your own sleeping disorders. Insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and plenty more effect thousands of people, but all in different ways. Although, there is no cure, you can get treated to ease you back into the right routine. In this essay the most serious and common disorders will be discussed, and how doctors prefer to treat their patients. In order to get a good night 's sleep you must be completely unaware of what is going on. It seems that sleep is such an easy action, but a lot of work is put in from your body. There are five official stages of sleep. Your first stage is the ten minutes when you lay down and can mentally feel yourself drowsing off. It is during your second stage that you are actually asleep and unaware …show more content…
Difficulty falling/staying asleep and feeling tired all day are signs of insomnia. There are three types of insomnia; temporary, chronic and medically induced. Temporary insomnia occurs for a couple weeks, then is goes away on its own. It is caused by high levels of stress, a death, of a big crisis. Usually it does not need to be treated, but in cases that it is you are prescribed benzodiazepines or antidepressants. Chronic insomnia is a more serious case. It lasts for more than a month and deprives you of sleep. It makes the person very irritable and drowsy. Doctors first have to test to see what stage it is at and if it could be due to a bad behavioral habit. After that they prescribe what is needed to calm down your body at night. Medically induced insomnia is from a side effect of medication, normally in medication for elderly people. Once the doctor finds what is causing it they can prescribe something in place of it, so that your sleep can get back on

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