Sleep Problems Research Paper

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Zac Flint

Sleep Problems

I was happy to see this topic this week on our web research activity. I can’t remember the last full night of sleep I have had, or when I’ve woken up feeling great. I think it is partially due to all the sporting injuries I have had, my body has at least one sore spot every morning. With the shoulder rebuild I’ve had twice, both knees, and a back surgery after years of trying to live with constant pain, I’ve missed a lot of sleep. On top of not being able to lay in one position very long before having to adjust, I’m a very light sleeper. I used to wake up every morning as a child by hearing my dad snapping his work shirt on. Even now my wife teases me that I can be startled out of sleep by a mouse fart.

In trying
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We all have a “sleep clock” in our brain, abnormalities related to this clock are called circadian rhythm disorders. These disorders include jet lag, adjusting to shift work, delayed sleep phase syndrome (waking up too late), and advanced sleep phase syndrome (waking up too early). Insomnia is often a temporary disorder that may be caused by stress, anxiety, depression, even drinking too much caffeine, or taking certain medications. Pregnancy can cause different problems sleeping from frequent trips to the bathroom, morning sickness, vivid dreams, and even physical discomfort. Nightmares are scary dreams that come during REM sleep. Night terrors and sleepwalking arise during NREM sleep and occur most often in children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. I had a friend growing up who would sleepwalk and even carry on conversation and answer questions while sleeping. He would wake up completely unaware of the things he had said during the night. Made for some funny times during sleep overs and …show more content…
Often falling asleep when we were watching a movie or a late night sports event and he drowns out the television with his snoring. Until the last few years we had just known that he’s a snorer, but now we know he also has sleep apnea. This is when your snoring turns into an actual blockage in your breathing that lasts for a few seconds. When this happens it causes you to wake up gasping for air hundreds of times a night. Due to the short time you’re awake none of these are remembered the next morning. But they are constantly interrupting your sleep cycles, leaving you feeling very tired and unrested. This is such a big problem in our society now that a simple web search can show hundreds of “solutions” through different products. I have been told from my sleep study that I have a mild case of this myself and I wonder how much of it is hereditary, or if there is something I can do to keep it from getting worse. I’m hoping to find some sort of exercise or something besides pills or any medications. I think people used to live a much more healthy lifestyle when they were doing more manual labor type things to survive, and they didn’t have a medicine cabinet full of every type of “cure”. But I guess ignorance never stopped anyone from getting sick or having a disease

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