Why Are Men More Superior Than Women Essay

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Why are men more superior than women for having the same education and the same amount of experience? Aren 't men suppose to use their strength to protect and retain the feminine character? To help strive to complement each other? Wouldn 't this help improve the lives of the male and female role? These are the many questions, lots of women ask. What are the differences between men and women? Women’s rights are becoming more valued because of the controversies between male and female discrimination in the work force. Women are becoming more educated in male careers which is something that makes us equal in each way. We continue to move forward and strive to help each other improve the lives of male and female masculine and feminine energy in the work force. First, women have ability to bare children and start a family. But there wouldn 't be a baby if a man didn 't help the women. Secondly, women don …show more content…
There are various duties one needs to do to get the job done. One thing is that they want you to have the ability to lift heavy things and do “manly duties”. As a woman, you have the full experience to get the job besides being able to lift a certain amount of things. Automatically, jobs are that require heavy duty lifting are offered to a man. This type of discrimination is always based on physical appearances. In Hiring Discrimination Against Women, the author Ruth Mayhew explains “Some employers believed women lacked the skills and qualifications necessary to perform non traditional and higher-paid positions simply because of gender”. Gender shouldn 't be discriminated because of certain qualities the person has. As a woman, they feel like women are weak for job, which wouldn 't make us a valuable asset to the company. Many employers don 't give women the chance and assume based on gender which isn 't fair at

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