Essay about Why Animals And Humans Should Have Equal Consideration

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Some believe that all animals and humans should have equal consideration in all matters because animals have shown to be as intelligent as some human beings. While they do have much in common, like the necessity of food, water, and shelter, animals and humans have one distinct difference that should prevent us from erasing the diversity between the species. This essential difference makes it so that humans and animals cannot be compared, and that while they, in theory, should have the same consideration as humans, cannot. Impartiality between the two would mean that animals and humans are treated equally in all aspects, which would be unbeneficial to both species. The essential difference is that humans are the only animals who can self-reflect, making them distinct as compared to non-human animals and preventing us from giving them the same hierarchal acknowledgement.
Self-reflections defined as “meditation or serious thought about one 's character, actions, and motives.” (Self-reflection). Humans have the unique capacity to assess their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They want to learn about their nature, and have an intrinsic need to better themselves. Humans are naturally ambitious, some more than others. This natural curiosity has advanced our species. From creating fire to natural human rights and laws to the internet and modern medicine, human beings have used this self-reflection to better their species, protecting their own and taking the natural instinct for…

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