Why A Portable Massage Chair Essay

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How to Choose a Portable Massage Chair
Cost Effective Solutions

The two primary tools for the professional massage therapist is a quality massage table and massage chair. Today it is entirely possible for students to graduate and begin work without ever purchasing their own table or chair. The industry has grown consistently over the last two decades and many corporate massage business will provide everything the therapist needs.

The basic chair design has not changed much since David Palmers original wooden box High Touch massage chair from Living Earth Crafts. There are so many manufactures of massage chairs today that it is not possible to discuss them all. Our next list contains several known brands that offer a quality product at an economical price.

Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair Custom Craftworks Melody Portable Massage Chair Stronglite Standard Portable Massage Chair

In many areas of the country office, event, airport and shopping mall chair massage has become so popular that there are companies that actually rent massage chairs. You may consider renting one for a few days to see if chair massage is really for you. If you are still in massage school call a few mobile chair massage companies in your area and ask what chair they use. Find out how well they like the chair and ask if they would consider coming into the classroom to do a demonstration.

The EarthLite Vortex weighs an amazing…

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