Essay on Whole Foods Market Case

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Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is a natural and organic grocery store that strives to provide its customers with the highest quality foods and freshest foods available. They want to commit to making shopping at their many stores around the world an enjoyable and interesting experience that will make people want to come back and shop. They are trying to reach out to more customers especially with the way the economy is to be able to build their empire even greater. Whole Foods is a market leader who is continuing to grow every year.
Whole Foods Market has a fairly simple strategy, provide the best natural and organic food that they can find from local farmers to their loyal customers. Whole Foods wants to
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With being in business for over 30 years and being successful, I think that Whole Foods has been able to adapt to every new development that has been thrown at them over the past years. After reading more about their company in the case I would say that they are part of the development and the change that is happening with the natural and organic foods segment. They have such a larger market share that other stores look to see what changes they are making before they decide to do something against the norm. With the increase over the last few years of interest in healthier food there has been a lot of development in new natural food stores around the nation. To be able to stay ahead of the group Whole Foods has had to keep creating new ways to bring in more customers and to have happier employees around them.

I feel as though John Mackey has a great strategic plan for Whole Foods and that their motto really fits into what they are trying to provide. “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet” explains what they are trying to do and is easy to understand if you are just hearing about the company for the first time. The first part “Whole Foods” is obvious on what they are trying to say, that they are providing only the highest quality foods for their loyal customers to make them want to come back and continue to shop. The next part of the motto “Whole People” is something that makes people think a

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