Essay on Who Is Your Best Friend?

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Sometimes, when you tell somebody a funny story from your childhood you are trying to explain: "We were best friends, partners in crime". After saying this, you start to think and maybe realize that you didn 't hear from your "best friend" for at least 8 years, or maybe recollect some events between two of you which do not fit the definition of friendship. People often ask the question: "Who is your best friend?". First, you think of a person, who is close to you now, with whom you spend most of your time, then, other people flash up into your memory and you say: "Wait a minute, how about Tom? I don 't see him that much, but he 's my soulmate, I do consider him as my best friend too. And Monika... How could I forgot about her?! We were so close when I was at school... And John... And Liz...." How many else of them you can name?

When you are an infant, more likely, that Mother is your best friend. When you go to a kindergarten and then to school you may find a couple of people you like to play with, to share your toys. Your may spend time with a person who just lives close to your house. You can call by "friends" your classmates, people with whom you go to the drawing school, with whom participate dancing classes. When you finish school and start studying at college, people, who you thought were your best friends are more likely no longer with you. Maybe they are in the army, they choose a different college, major... They could move to another city or even country.…

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