`` Who Is You And What Are You Doing Here? By Mark Edmundson Essay

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In the article “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?” The author, Mark Edmundson, writes about the American education system and why it’s so important that everyone fights for the chance to get the best education they can possibly receive . The author explains, when he was going to college his father told him to study whatever he wants and not what he thinks he should study. Edmundson’s father just wanted his children to be happy and to understand that it doesn 't matter what others say or think, Edmundson should follow his own dreams. Americans value money and power; and if a student risks being someone who they are not, they are only going to hurt themselves. If students don’t fight for their education, then they lose the value of college, and what will come after in their careers. Firstly, Edmundson states that he believes America stresses the idea that success is related to how much money someone makes, or their material items. In American culture, if people don 't have those things, then they are seen as failures. To avoid being a failure, most people are willing to do whatever it takes to become “successful”. The author also states that the American college student focuses more on the social aspect of college rather than the education part. Edmundson believes that students no longer take their grades seriously which can lead to professors not caring enough to put forth effort into their jobs. The thought of failure drives people to do things that maybe they…

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