Who Is The Switch For Leading A Vegan Lifestyle? Essay

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Ariana Grande. Jared Leto. Carrie Underwood. These musicians have all made the switch to leading a vegan lifestyle. In Hollywood, this trend is becoming huge. It’s nearly impossible to scroll down on popular social media sites without seeing some type of new vegan drink or food. Celebrities frequently talk about these kinds of diets as means of weight loss, or as a healthier way to live. Others use veganism as a way to show solidarity with animal rights activists. Whatever the reason may be, their influence has spilled over into the masses with many more people attempting to change the ways they eat and live.
There are many branches of vegan: plant based, raw vegan, “junk food vegan,” and many more. But what does vegan truly mean? Essentially, anyone who is vegan chooses not to eat or wear anything made from an animal. Donald Watson, the man coined with founding Veganism, met with six other similar minded people to start this movement in 1944. His suggested definition is not much longer, suggesting that it is “ [t]he principle of the emancipation of animals from exploitation by man.” Fast-forward to 2016, and the original six person group has exponentially risen. About one million americans identify as vegan, and many take pride in this lifestyle choice. Even though that number may seem like a lot, vegans only occupy .5% of the United States’ total population. It’s important that this trend does not become a major lifestyle choice for the people of this world, because…

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