Who Is The Servant Leader? Essay

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Being a leader in today’s work place is no small task. Some leaders rule with fear and others rule with love. Within all organizations there are leaders and followers, leaders generally guide and develop their followers into leaders. They do this by being a servant-leader, a servant-leader is someone who puts the needs of others first. Servant-leadership is important because a leader that serves others will empower and inspire followers to perform. Servant leaders possess many characteristics that are important in the workplace, they focus on teamwork, team building growth and development. These leaders are ideal because they know "who they are and what they stand for, and then have the courage to act" (Daft, 2015, p.167). A leader that has confidence in their abilities and decisions, as well as committing to the team and tasks at hand is a leader that is easily followed. These attributes encourage subordinates to follow suit and be better. Daft (2015) stated that servant leadership is leadership upside down. Servant leaders transcend self-interest to serve the needs of others, help others grow and develop, and provide opportunity for others to gain materially and emotionally (177). The key components to being a servant-leader are being able to listen to others, inspire trust, encourage others to be better and put others before yourself. A leader that has walked in the shoes of those they lead know what the followers have to deal with and can relate on a peer to peer level.…

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