Essay about Who Is The Most Important Trait?

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Helping Others
Everyone around the world have many different opinions. Everyone thinks differently than others, which means we all have different ways of viewing life. Some people believe the most important characteristic that one should have in life is love, kindness or even honesty. Since I view the world differently I believe being kind is the most important trait one could have in life. Many people today help others. Whether they help old or young people with something big or small they always have that huge space in their heart to help others. Most of them help because they believe if they help others they’ll get something in return. For example, some people may get money, others believe they’ll get help back when they need it, it also may give them a good reputation, and because they want to impress other people. Well that’s not the real reason why one should do it. You know that special feeling you get on the inside after you made someone’s day? That feeling makes you positive throughout your whole day.
The number one reason on why people help others is because most of the times you get money in return. Yes, I know who wouldn’t want money? Truth is 99.99% of the population wants money. I’m not saying don’t accept the money I’m trying to say don’t do it because you’ll get money in return. You don’t know where that money is coming from what if it’s the last of his/her lunch money. This person now has nothing to eat. What do you get with the money anyway? You’ll just…

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