Personal Statement: How I Make A Difference At Thornburg Middle School

How do I make a Difference at TMS? I believe that I make a difference at Thornburg Middle School by helping other students when they need it, keeping my teachers happy, and by attending school regularly and respectfully. Making a difference at school, I will admit is fairly easy but doing it because I care and not for the rewards that follow, is why I think I truly make a difference. The paragraphs that follow will further emphasize and moreover prove my honest intentions. I help fellow students where ever I can by assisting them with their work and answering their questions pertaining to classwork. I assist them to the best of my abilities and strive to insure their indefinite success. I also help my classmate by helping the gather their belongings when they fall or trip or are tripped sadly. Such an event happened to me a few weeks ago. I was walking up the stair at a quick pace to avoid being late when someone in front of me was tripped. I …show more content…
Perfect attendance has evaded my reach these last few years due to important family events, but that will not prevent me from trying once more this following year. Lastly, I believe I can make a difference at Thornburg is by being responsible, respectable, and ready for class or school in general. Also known as the three R’s. By doing this, I hope to improve the emotional state of those around me. In conclusion, I believe that I make a difference at Thornburg middle school by being the best student to my abilities both to my teachers and fellow classmates. I hope to reach this goal by fully resembling the perfect student and still have fun at school. I will resemble the perfect student by helping classmates, being exemplary for teachers, and being at school in general. I hope you will consider my application expectable and I fit for your

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