Who Is The Hero 's Journey? Essay

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Hero’s Journey When I was seven years old my parents decided to migrate to the United States because living without my father was very difficult for my sister and I. Arriving to the United States was a whole new thing; I really wanted to be with my dad but it was a big change in just a few days. It was very difficult starting school without knowing how to communicate with others. My father tried to help and taught me some of the little english he knew. In my elementary school I was placed in a bilingual class where I was able find some students who spoke some Spanish. I would help teach them some of the students who were struggling with Spanish and they would teach me English. High school was an emotional roller coaster for my family and I. My Sophomore year both my great grandma and grandma from my mom 's side passed away just two months apart, then my uncle got in a bad car accident and was in a coma. It broke my heart to see my mom suffer and not know how or what to say to her to make her feel better. I was angry at life and myself because I didn 't get the chance to say goodbye to my grandmother 's or had the chance to attend to their funerals. I started to hang out with the wrong people, well people who weren 't motivated to do well in school. They were all about skipping school and parting. So I started missing school. I pushed the people that truly cared for me away. When teachers would ask me what was going on or how they could help I got annoyed. Until one…

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