The Conflict Theory Perspective: My Latino Culture

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A core issue in my life that has define me as a person is my Latino culture. I was born in Mexico in small town called “El Arrayan”. During that time my family was living in poverty and surviving in a day to day basis. Some days we didn’t even eat because we depended too much on the things that our substandard farm supplied us with. My father couldn’t deal with all the harsh conditions that were affecting our family and wanted a better future for us. As a consequence, he decided to chase the “American dream” and he cross the border illegally. At the time I still wasn’t born but my father’s sacrifice changed my life dramatically because later on he became a U.S. citizen and was able to bring my whole family into the United States. I emigrated …show more content…
My family is part of the working class so they always work overtime because working full time is not enough to maintain a good quality life. I wasn’t blessed with the opportunity of being born in a wealthy family but my parents instilled in me the value of education. I am a Latino and I am part of the subordinate group and since the first day I came to the United States I was force to assimilate with the dominant group. For example, in school I was force to join a class for English speakers and no bilingual classes were offer to help me. During that time, I faced a lot of discrimination by other white kids because of my accent. Through my first year I was bullied a lot because other kids had prejudice beliefs instilled by their parents which led the children to ostracize me. I remembered that I had a best friend name Frank in elementary school. We would always play together until one day his mother saw me playing with him and told him not to associate with me anymore. At the time I was confused because I was still a little kid, however, know I understand that although most of society like to say that racism doesn’t exist anymore, it is still a prevalent problem that affects a lot of people daily. Racism is not as evident as it was ages ago such as with the slavery system, however, it has taken new forms such as color blind

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