Who Is The Eye For Funding? Essay example

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Alison met the Professor again a few days later, quite by chance. She was having lunch on her own and he appeared at her table, murmuring the usual phrases one says to an almost stranger you unexpectedly meet. Alison had to be polite and ask him to sit down, which he accepted. Even if he had been promoted to nice in her book, she still wasn’t sure she wanted a private tête-à-tête like this, but her worry was quickly dispelled. She told him about her new plans to study and was met with such warm appreciation she felt quite exhilarated. He then proceeded to draw her out with such charm she soon was chatting freely, telling him how she had met Peter and then she somehow talked a lot about her husband. How lost he sometimes felt and how he needed to find something meaningful to do.

Professor Keller smiled. “I think I can be of some help here. I admit I first approached Peter with an eye for funding. I still need it, of course, a project of the scale I am thinking of needs a good deal of money, but I think your husband and I could establish something more in the line of a partnership. As it is, I have had to spend far too much time meeting potential backers, and it takes valuable time away from my research. Peter is a very appealing young man with good contacts and if he could be persuaded to take on that part, my workload would ease and I wouldn’t have to spend so much time away from my project.”

He looked earnestly at her. “I have already discussed this with him and he…

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