Summary Of Louisa Thomas's Conscience

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Louisa Thomas, the author of Conscience: Two Soldiers, Two Pacifists, One Family — A Test of Will and Faith in World War I, paints a picture of the way World War I created conflict not only across a nation, but within a family, and individuals as well. This conflict forever alters the lives of those involved, this story is just a small glimpse into what millions experienced and will continue to experience with tragedies similar to this. She tells the story of the four Thomas brothers whose consciences she explores: Norman, Ralph, Evan, and Arthur. Ms.Thomas is the great-granddaughter of Norman Thomas, the most public of the brothers as a six-time candidate for president of the United States on the Socialist Party ticket. Norman Thomas proves to be the focus of the book.
Ms.Thomas depicts a tale that revolves around World War I, the events leading up to the United States’ involvement in the conflict and the impact on the Thomas family. The Thomas brothers share some traits, but in other ways are quite different. As the Thomas brothers, grew up in a culture that promoted religious thinking, education and
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These changes that occur can and will often result in broken bonds and lost connections, as people are divided. Ms.Thomas depicts the broken bonds between the Thomas brothers that emerged as a result of differing views. She also illustrates the internal conflict faced by Norman Thomas in great detail, along with insight into Evan and Ralph’s internal conflicts. Conflicting ideology whether it be between different people or an individual results in a forced change. This change may be the dissolution of a relationship with an individual, a change in ideology, or a compromise. In any situation this change is forced by the growing divide due to differences, on some occasions, this may be a good thing and on other, it may result in

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