Who Is The Best Time Of Life? Essay

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Finally Jason gets to go home for the holidays after surviving 6 months of being in college. According to Jason Being 6 hours away from his family for 6 months was the best time of his life. As for his mom, it was not the best time of her life. It was one of the most hardest times of her life to be away from her youngest child for 6 months. Seeing her youngest child go away for college was very difficult for her. Jasons mom constantly called him everyday, just to see how he was doing and if he was okay. Jasons mom was counting the days till her son returned home. While Jason does not seem to care at all, he rather be with his new fraternity family, drinking on rooftops and smoking their lungs away. The day he left to college was the best day of his life and had been something he had long for since he was a child. Now 6 months have already passed, his freshmen year of college was halfway done already. Jason has come to his senses, that college does not last forever that he must go home someday. On the other hand Mike, a hard working father/husband immigrant from Mexico, has moved to Los Angeles by himself to work and help provide for his family. He worked as a carpenter at night and chef during the day at a local restraunt. Every day he is constantly working to help send money to his family. He can’t afford to take any days off work because that means less money for his family and his family suffers as well. Mikes family depends on him especially his 3 children. His wife…

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