Essay on Who Is The Best Friend?

1375 Words Nov 15th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout the course of one’s life, they may experience different friendships such as a best friend, a true friend, a childhood friend and an acquaintance. Each of these friendships contain a numerous amount of characteristics that come together to show the type of friend they really are. Most of them, however, are loyal, caring and trusting, as well as honest, and say it like it is. They are also understanding, but only to a certain point, and supportive, in all the good choices a person makes. At times, in the midst of their selflessness, they may be selfish, but that’s okay once in awhile. These types of friends, no matter how close they may be, are never bullies, never judgemental, and never hypocritical. Friendships are always great to have and will follow oneself throughout their lives, but knowing if they’re real friends is the hard part. In any type of friendship, a person may experience, no matter if the relationship is super close or not, there is loyalty, care, trust and honest. When a friend is loyal, they’re always there no matter what. Maybe they do something as simple as asking how one’s day is going, or sending a simple text to check up on them, or even writing a little note. All these aspects come together to let a person know that they have a friend who is there for them and sticks by them. If a person were to make a mistake, a friend should be the one who stands by their side whether they were on the right or wrong side. They’re there for them in…

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