Diversity In Boy Meets Depression By Kevin Breel

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Diversity; a small word with a large meaning. Diversity is present in all aspects of our lives. Whether we are talking about culture, race, ethnicity, gender, or even sexual orientation we are talking about diversity. Diversity is not always looked at in a positive manner but without diversity we would all be the same. We would all be normal; no one would have unique backgrounds or interesting life stories. Our society is built on diversity and the individualism of our population. The purpose of this paper is to explain what diversity means to me personally and how it has influenced my life, and to show and explain how the common read book Boy Meets Depression written by Kevin Breel is built off of diversity in our everyday lives.
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Kevin had a tough childhood growing up with an alcoholic father and semi-loving mother. This is another example of how Kevin experienced diversity. He did not have a normal childhood growing up with loving, caring, supportive parents. During Kevin’s childhood he was always the odd ball and the one that never had a place to fit in. He was always known as the skinny, straggly kid. Diversity is all about being the odd ball, but in this case Kevin was not accepted. His uniqueness was not understood, respected, or accepted by others. The only time Kevin felt accepted by others and at peace with himself was when he met Jordan. Jordan was Kevin’s rock and his best friend. Kevin described his friendship with Jordan in a quote from the book that states “Every once in a while, someone walks into your life whose presence is so compelling, you forget you want freedom. You forget that friendship is supposed to be hard. You forget it could ever be time-consuming or draining or stressful, because it’s none of those things. It’s like this person is the prefect version of all your carefully constructed demands about what a person should be in order to be your friend. Sometimes that person just walks straight into your life and changes everything for you. For me, that person was Jordan McGregor” (Page 39). This quote emphasizes how much Kevin truly cared about Jordan and how great their friendship was. Jordan and Kevin were inseparable until Jordan passed away. This tragic event sent Kevin back into deep depression where once again he was the odd ball out, who felt like he didn’t have a place or purpose in the world. When Kevin went into deep depression he excluded himself from everyone else even more. In a quote from the book Breel states “When things were really bleak and brutal, I became a shell of myself, one encased in self-pity and pessimism. Nothing made sense to me anymore. I could find flaws in

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