Who Is The Best For Your Values? Essay

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Steve Maraboli once said, “Never compromise your values.” Values are the things that are important to us, motivators that make us act or take action. They are qualities that people crave and that they pursue through actions in which they engross, in the situations in which they live, and in the articles which they obtain. Ultimately, values are associated with interest, however, they fluctuate in that they are qualities pursued rather than the activities or objects which symbolize them, thus making them more indispensable.
Values are a significant part in the career decision-making process and it is imperative to pick career opportunities which best suite your values. Work values are those values that have to do with your profession or career. They are a very important portion of who you are, that if you don 't take them into account when you choose your profession or an employment opportunity, you have little chance of employment fulfillment. Two work values that I hold with the utmost importance are professionalism, and self-motivated.
Professionalism is a behavior that entails learning all facets of your job and doing it to the best of your capability, as well as, completing projects in an orderly fashion, remaining detail-oriented, producing high quality work, and taking pride in your behavior and appearance. Professionalism, to me, is the gateway to being a positive leader and providing a positive role model for others in a career. If you look, voice, and dress in a…

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