Who Is The Best For Your Life? Essay

1050 Words Dec 11th, 2015 5 Pages
It is fascinating how someone may choose one person out of millions to be with for the rest of their life. For this sake, I find it fascinating how both of my parents chose each other to be who they are till this day. Even though Father and Mother may have their discrepancy, my parents execute together through the good times and bad to keep our family united as one. Both may do their best to keep us united, but there is a huge difference in both shown through their attitude, actions, and the way they verbalize.
An attribute that easily shows from a person is patience. Having to tend 10 kids, 9 of her own, it is unbelievable that my mother still has the patience she has till this day! Late at nights when my siblings and I were sick, Mom would run back and forth and do her best to relieve us from our illness. On the contrary, my father would do his best to get away from the noise and get his rest because he cannot stand tending sick kids. Not just that, whenever Dad takes us out at restaurants, he cannot stand to wait for food. If a waiter takes too long with an order, Dad would literally never go to that restaurant ever again. Unlike Mom, she understands the time it takes to cook and prepare a delicious meal. Even with his own children, my Dad cannot stand when we take too long to prepare in the mornings. Without someone as patient as Mom in the family, I do not think our household will even live a day without having the sense that every task has a certain deadline!


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