Essay about Who Is Born The Only Daughter Of My Family?

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I was born the only daughter of my family in China 21 years ago. Since I am an only child, it is my job to take care of my parents without the help of a brother or sister. I believe I do a good job with this because I do not cause them any trouble or provoke them to be angry in way. In addition, know how not to make them upset, and how to make them happy. Even though I treat my parents well, I never understood why some people consider our generation selfish, ungrateful and dependent. Since 1980, the structure of China society began to change, the number of babies born in a family went from many, to few, to only one child. Since only one baby lived in a family, the way a child was treated changed a lot. During our parent 's generation, they had a lot of brothers and sisters living a poor life. Because of this they had to share everything they had with their brothers and sisters and could not get enough attention from their parents. So when they turned into parents, they treated their child in a special way, and invested everything into their children, giving them all they have. Thus, people born in an older generation usually judge our generation as using money to pile up, or like a machine that is always spending money. I have been pretty lucky. When I was born, my parents began to earn money. I didn’t need to worry about basic needs. If I wanted to keep up with fashion trends I was allowed to. For example, when I was young, I went to my friend’s home to play, but I found…

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