Who Is Abigail Responsible For The Crucible

The witch trials in Salem, where a huge event in history. However do you know who is responsible for them? Do you know who started the rumor of witches in the town of Salem? In the drama, The Crucible by Arthur Williams, Abigail Williams is the one responsible for the witch trials.

Abigail Williams is a major character in the witch trials. She’s the reason why they started in the first place. Abigail and a couple of her friends (including John Proctor’s daughter and slave) had been caught doing unlawful things. Because they didn't want to get in trouble so they lied. Abigail claimed that they were under a witch’s spell and all the other girls agreed. The girls not wanting to get in trouble – again – they started to give random names of innocent people when the governors of Salem asked them who bewitched them. The people who had their names said were taking into court and no matter what they said they all ended up the same – dead.

The antagonist character in this story is Abigail. She’s the crucial reason to why chaos started in Salem. Several people in Salem used the witched ‘excuse’ to get revenge at their neighbors for something they had done to them in the past. This
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She changes her behavior, but doesn’t fully change her character. She only ever changed her behavior when she needs to or wanted something. And as proofs up in the last paragraph – about how she blamed Elizabeth – she only worries about herself and her happiness, not even thinking, nor caring about the consequence it will cause on others. At the end of the fourth act she had run away with all John Proctor’s money because she knew they would eventually figure what she had done and they would have killed her for having all those innocent people killed.

Abigail Williams is an egotistical person, because she only cares for her own good no matter what. She’s willing to do anything to save herself. Abigail’s character the trickster and a storyteller in this

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