Essay On Abigail Manipulates In The Crucible

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Some personalities have an inbred power to manipulate others
The crucible shows how people are easily misled. Even though magic powers are not real, everyone in Salem believes they are real. One reason people were likely to believe witchcraft is the shared religion which taught that evil spirits were everywhere. If people think are invisible spirits everyone, then you can make them believe anything. Abigail uses this belief to get what she won’t. Abigail manipulates her friends, her lover and eventually the whole community. In Arthur Miller’s crucible, Abigail character is an example of how some personalities have an inbred power to manipulate others. The play begins by showing how Abigail controls her friends.
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“Reverend Parris reveals himself to be a fool capable of being easily manipulated by Abigail Williams, whose guilt seems obvious thanks to her sudden escape from town and theft of Parris ' savings.”(Hight 4) She starts by controlling Parris, which is important, because Parris gets the judges to start the witch hunt. According to Rebecca Hight, later she even controls the court by controlling Marry Warren. Marry Warren wants to tell the judge that Abigail and the other girls lied before about being witches, and that they pretended people were attacking them with magic power. When Marry tries to tell the truth about Abigail and other girls danced in the woods. Abigail starts to pretend again. And the other girls also start to pretend the witches used magic power against them. Finally Marry changes her mind, because Abigail manipulate to her. That is why she decided not to tell the truth. "let me go, Mr. Proctor, I cannot, cannot..." (Miller 873) Then next, when Proctor tells about he was cheating witch Abigail, in order to destroy her reputation, so that the court, won 't believe her. At that time, the reputation is really important for let someone believe to you. When John Proctor tells the truth about Abigail, she gets the another girl to pretend that he is "witching " them. In the end, the judge believed Abigail because she got other girls to pretend that they were being attacked by the witches. Probably the judge did not believe anybody could be as manipulating and evil as Abigail. And another reason is she is a such good liar. According to Rebecca Hight she is a “magnificent liar”. So they believed Proctor was witch. The shows that Abigail can control the

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