Who Is A Veteran Of The Vietnam War? Essay

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The patient is an eighty- five-year-old man by the name of James Williams who is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He is my grandfather’s older twin brother who suffered a stroke a couple years back. Before the stroke he was a normal elderly man with regular speech and movements. One could barely tell the twins apart. Now post trauma, James seemed to have aged a lot faster than his brother. What once was clear and audible; his speech is now muffled, slurred, and repetitive. Once smooth and sturdy steps are now much slower and careful (also due to arthritis in his back and legs) so as not to fall while he uses a cane. A simple 15-minute walk to the store that is 5 blocks away takes almost an hour for James Williams. Before his stroke, Mr. Williams had not been to a doctor in years and didn’t feel comfortable going to seek medical attention. Often times, he would decline any type of help to the point where he would refused mediation that we would try to give him or even food when we saw that he wasn’t eating so well this probably leading to his slow decline in health. However, after having the stroke, he had to go back to the hospital again to get surgery to remove fluid from his gallbladder and kidney stones that they found. From there he was then immediately taken to the local nursing home for rehabilitation purposes while putting him on medication for his gallbladder and Iron because he is anemic. Following through with this rehabilitation, James was brought back to a more…

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