Who Has Influenced Me The Most Essay

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For the majority of the population, each individual has unique qualities that differentiate one person from the other. Initially, the mere thought of whom these specific characteristics might have originated from never seemed to once cross my mind, until now. This single thought got me contemplating over who may have influenced me the most and what apparent traits I have obtained from them. Moreover, the two most dominant role models in my life instantaneously dawned on me, my mother and father. These two appreciable figures both have had a vital impact on me as a person. Although my mother and father share common aspirations as well as work ethic, both role models have a different attitude and personality that diverge from the other. Comprehending this, I now take notice in the qualities that I have acquired from both my parents and now wonder who has influenced me the most.
For starters, even though both my mother and father each have exceptional work ethics, the distinct work ethic that manifest in my mother suppresses that of my fathers. My mother, a hardworking woman, has recently sacrificed much of her own free time to help alleviate our family during a financially unstable period. As hard as my father works, his job has become deathly slow. Determined to keep up my father’s half of the bills, my mother has ultimately decided to procure a second job. Before acquiring an additional job, my mother had originally worked from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. However, since a second job…

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