Essay about Who Do I Believe I Am?

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Who Do I Believe I Am? Every person has an identity that defines who he/she is. My identity consists of myself being a person, student, friend, and a mother. My beliefs and my attitudes are other traits that portray my identity, making me who I believe I am. I know I am considered a person in this society. Not just because I am a human being but also because the term person is “any entity that has the moral right of self-determination.” (Anderson,2000) As a person, I am capable of my own beliefs, attitudes, and opinions about myself as well as others. I am a student because I attend an educational institution. In this institution, my attitude renders an important part in being a student, as well as my academic success. This attitude is essentially my motivation, persistence, hard work, and self-determination. I believe what makes me a motivated student is my own general desire to educate myself and better my life as I accomplish this goal. To ensure I become a successful student, I know I need to work hard, put in the effort I can and push myself. This also entails my persistence. Another belief I have to becoming a successful student is based on my own choices or decisions that were regulated off my own actions and goals that led to my self-determination. I believe I am a friend because I share bonds of mutual affection with people I like and enjoy being around who are exclusive to sexual or family relations. These people are considered my friends also because they…

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