Who Are You And What You Doing Here? Essay

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Who are you and what are you doing here”
In life we all grow up thinking about what our future will hold. Many of us think as far as college or military. Students should really consider when making these decisions what their personal interest are, and what do they consist of, what their financial budget are and family traditions are. Many students go on to pursue the expectations of what their parents or guardian feels that they should. In the essay that was written by Mark Edmundson, “Who are you and what are you doing here?” Edmundson shares his own views on making these difficult life decisions. In this essay Professor Mark Edmundson directs his focus towards incoming freshman in college. Edmundson strives to convenience his audience that the only main purpose for a college education should be fulfilled by themselves, to help find and follow your interest.
As young children we have all been told at a time or another who we are, and who we are supposed to be rather it by our parents or by other people of authority. “They’ve let you know how they size you up, and they’ve let you know what you should value. They’ve given you a sharp and protracted taste of what they feel is good and bad, right and wrong.” (Edmundson 5) Expectation are set and one feels that they need to follow. In all actuality it should be the college students really pursuing their own dreams. Not the dreams that other have set out for you.
Edmunon also saids that by attending a college students are…

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