Whiteness : The Black People 's Imagination Essay

1016 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Whiteness was being represented in the imagination of blacks by the oppression from the whites on the black people in an attempt to compel them to forget the horrors done to them by the whites. This is intersectional to colonial events that show a comparison to both articles by the use of history.this essay will analyse bell hooks study of how whiteness is represented in the black people 's imagination and her argument that white people superior in the society have safely allowed them to imagine black to be invisible and since the power that white people historically asserted, and even collectively assert over black people, accorded them to the-the right to control the blacks view (hook 340). She argues that racist white people did not want the black people to see them for who they truly were and didn’t want them to because e the didn’t want to be seen as “dark other” so they oppressed the black folks and tried to compel them to forget what was done to them by the whites erasing all traces of their suffering during slavery and how they were treated during that that period and after by creating the concept of whiteness and not needing their own self cultures so they are not treated as servants (hook 340) hook mentions that whiteness existed without the knowledge of blackness (hooks 339) she supports this with Baldwin 's notion that the white colonizers created and conquered those the believed to be inferior. She approached intersectionality saying that white…

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