White Educators Into Multicultural Learners Essay

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wake up call, to all of the injustice actions that even take place in areas that are meant to help improve the lives of children. Howard backed up each one of his arguments with facts that correlated with his position on why we have to transform our White educators into multicultural learners. The diversity rate in our schools is growing and will continue to do so, so with just that being said, the fact that he wants to see a change in this aspect of our educational system works on his favor. However, it would have been great to see a little more diversity among his arguments. There was a lot of more focus on African American students and Native American students, but like Spring had done throughout his chapter, the inclusion of more students of color would have been great to read about. This brought a lack to his points because in reality the bilingual aspect of our educational system is growing and this should be portrayed and taught more in depth.
It was great to see how much Howard encouraged White educators to really take the time to get to know themselves, their position in this country and how much it means to improve their social awareness in order to be effective. However, it would have been great if Howard would of went more in depth with some of the historical background of the “Dominated cultures.” (Spring, pg. 161) In my opinion this would of gave readers who don’t really have insight of their issues, a greater understanding. The same goes with any type of…

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