Where Have You Been, Where Are You Going? Essay

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In the story "Where have you been, Where are you going?" by Joyce Carol Oates we are taken back to a time in our lives in which most people can relate to in one sense or another and a theme that is still alive and well today. A constant struggle between equality of male and female and the subjection of the ideas of sexual intimacy is a reality in this story. The story is portrayed through the eyes and mind of a young teenager, Connie, trying to find her place in life. Unfortunately what she wants and what she gets are not what she needs. If we think hard back on our own lives I 'm sure we can relate in more than one way. Whether it is a time of rebellion, a fork in the road, mixing a little too much fantasy with reality, or mischief, we can relate. Connie found herself always being brow beaten by her mother for achievements of her sister and never received much of anything from her father. Connie was essentially forced to act out for attention, for love of who she is, or who she saw herself as. Connie 's, the main character in the story, her actions are dictated by her rebellious mind set due to the want for love and the distaste of her family. Connie does not feel loved at home in a matter of which pleases her and does not want to become plain like her mother and sister.
The conundrum of the story itself is an Allegory. Connie represents the female gender and the oppression and assumption tolled upon women by the male gender. With that being said Arnold is the “defined”…

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