Arnold Friend Dualism

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In the short story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Connie has her soul taken by a man named Arnold Friend who is the Devil incarnate. Early in the story, it is established that Connie, who is only fifteen years old, is a very vain, naive, self-centered girl who has a duality to her life. The author informs that she has two sides, one for home and one for everywhere else. It is also revealed that her family was not very religious. This sets up the tragedy that befalls Connie. One could ask, “Why Connie, she's only fifteen and so innocent?”, but is she really? One could argue that she welcomed this tragedy through her behavior and vanity. This is open to interpretation but I believe that her family is to blame. The disapproving mother, always scolding her and comparing to June. Her neglectful father, who should be the strong male figure for her, barely spoke to her. Also, Connie's parents who did not go to church and teach their children of God, which would prepare her to recognize the danger Arnold Friend really was. This caused Connie's duality and allowed her to behave in the manner that she did. For everything that was lacking at home, Connie seemed to search for it everywhere else. The author illustrates this in the drive-in restaurant. When the boy invited them over to the car window, it's stated: “It made them feel good to be able to ignore him”. Also, the restaurant seemingly gives them “what …show more content…
His first murder was that of a girl the same age as Connie, named Alleen Rowe. Many similarities between Arnold Friend and Schmid can be seen such as Schmid stuffing his shoes with paper and flat cans to appear taller like Arnold Friend did so. The physical description of Arnold closely resembles Schmid as well, claiming he wore makeup and a clothespin on his lip. This is where Oates, the author created Arnold Friend, the

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