Essay on Where Do People Live, Form The Qri 5 Resource Book

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The post assessment “Where Do People Live” form the QRI-5 resource book. This is an expository text about country, city, and suburb living. She scored a 50% on the concept questions showing unfamiliarity with the subject matter. Unfortunately this was the test I had so I administered it assuming I may have to re-evaluate another day. When she read there was only one miscue in the text, moving a period from one side of the word “too” to the other. This changed the meaning of both sentences. Other than this and still rushing a bit she read the passage flawlessly, scoring independent for accuracy. The concept questions went well answering 6 out of 8 correct without a lookback scoring instructional and scoring 7 out of 8 with lookbacks once again scoring instructional. For the final QRI-5 there was noticeable improvement over the pretest. Madysen took more time to read the text, she appeared to be more aware of what she was reading instead of just speeding through in order to get the task complete.

Section 2 The Pre-Assessment QRI-5 went by very quickly in comparison and it seemed that Madysen was just reading the text like a list of individual words with no connection instead of a composition about cats and lions. In comparison Madysen slowed down and seemed to pay closer attention to sentence structure and punctuation. She still read faster than I would prefer but it was much easier to follow the second time. She did not employ the FQR but this strategy is cumbersome for…

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