When We Talk About Love Analysis

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When the word love is brought up, people seem to feel uncomfortable. It brings great controversy between people because no one really knows how to define it. To some it’s when others happiness is their happiness, or when they feel great comfort around a certain someone that they can speak freely to. Everyone has a different opinion on love, it’s a hard topic to discuss. Carver does a great job showing his depiction of love in his story, “What We Talk about When we Talk about Love.” He successfully shows his views of love by allowing us to see love through others point of view.
Carver begins his story in a casual setting. A group of four friends, Mel, Laura, Nick and Terri are all sitting at a round table passing around a bottle of gin. These
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Hearing this story, Laura thought she was more confident about her idea of love. “Well nick and I know what love is” (Carver 389). But in fact, she was mostly depending on nick for and an answer. “You’re supposed to say something now Laura said, and turned her smile on me” (Carver 389). Nick is still a little confused on the idea of love, but he knew his wife was counting on him for an answer. “For an answer, I took Laura’s hand and raised it to my lips. I made a big production out of kissing her hand. Everyone was amused” (carver 389). At this point, they were even more intoxicated and decided to have a toast for the “lucky couple”. To everyone else, they were perfect, but in reality, neither of them knew what love was. They simply went a long and pretended they new exactly what love …show more content…
Mel was a heart surgeon; he constantly worked on emergencies. He tells them about an elderly couple who were nearly killed when a drunk teenager hit their camper with his car. The old couple were alive, but barely making it. Mel and his surgeons quickly operate on them. The operations lasted all night, the couple was able to go through it together and make it. The couple was escorted to a private room. Mel interrupts his story and tells everyone to drink more gin. The topic of being a knight is brought up. The friends mentioned how knights had great protection. There’s no way a knight could be dead after getting hit by a car. They also mentioned that knights also have the burden of carrying all that weight on them. Knights had to fight for love, like in today’s world. Laura asked about the story again and Mel continued on with his story. He visited the couple every day. They both had casts and bandages from head to toe. They were both laying in separate beds, but neither one of them can turn to look at the other. The husband was depressed for awhile. Him and his wife were both making it, but he still couldn’t find happiness. Mel asked him why he was depressed, and he simply stated it was because he couldn’t see his wife through the little eye holes the cast provided. “Love should be seen not as a feeling but as an enacted emotion.” He wanted to look at his beautiful wife and enjoy her presence. Mel hears this and couldn’t

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