Character Analysis Of Raymond Carver

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The character I chose as the protagonist who changed throughout the story is Victor. He was going through a difficult time, trying to find money to take him to Phoenix, Arizona to pick up some of his father’s belongings that had recently passed away and to say his final good-bye. His initial reaction towards Thomas when he saw him was that he was not too fond of him. As the story goes on, Victor starts changing his opinions towards Thomas. Victor starts off as a disconcerting, closed minded individual towards the idea of Thomas helping him out by lending Victor money. By the end of the story, Victor changes his perspective and becomes tolerant and appreciative of Thomas. Victor was in a predicament where he was unable to receive the help he was seeking from his father’s death. “Now, Victor, we’re sorry for your loss and the circumstances. But we can really only afford to give you one hundred dollars (Alexie 520).” He was in a position where he had no other solution until he saw Thomas. They used to be friends during their childhood but …show more content…
“Victor and Thomas Build- the- Fire were the same age, had grown up played in the dirt together (Alexie 520- 15).” Victor was embarrassed to be seen with Thomas since he is known to be the annoying “story teller,” but he knew he needed the money that Thomas was offering him. “Nobody talked to Thomas anymore because

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