When Designing A Fitness Program Essay

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When designing a fitness program for myself I had to go back and review my Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire or PAR-Q to ensure that there had been no changes medically that would limit my physical abilities. The PAR-Q reveled no limitations, so while developing my fitness program I focused on cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance, flexibility, and most of all nutrition. After determining what I wanted the program to focus on, I then determined that goals for each component of the program. In the personal assessment for cardiorespiratory I scored a fair rating, which I was a quite surprised, I thought that I would have easily scored good, I again felt the same way after personal assessment four. I was surprised that I did not score as well on the muscular endurance portion compared to my muscular strength assessment. Although I did assess as good in muscular endurance, I was hoping for a better score. Flexibility and nutrition have always been trouble areas of mine, especially now as I get older I need to improve my flexibility, and reconsider my nutrition options. After reviewing these personal assessments I determined several goals that I wanted to achieve through the development and implementation of my fitness program. For cardiorespiratory my goal is to not only shave 30 seconds of my one and a half mile run time but to complete a three mile run under 35 minutes. Goals for muscular endurance are to complete at least 65 push-ups in two minutes and to score…

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