What 's The Distance Between The Earth And The Sun? Essay

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Siri, what’s the distance between the earth and the sun? Access to information like this is the reason why Nicholas Carr disagree with the process on which we develop our answers. Nicholas Carr claims in his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” that the younger generation depend much more on electronic references to gain information than their own brains. He is stating that the vast amount of information provided from the internet is making us lazy. I totally disagree. Although the advancement of technology is changing us, it’s for the better. I like to think of google as my best friend. For instances, if you have a question or problem you want to solve, you would often ask your friend and they would give you their opinion. However, asking google can give you a precise answer on your problem. Then google is always there for you when you need it like a good friend should be. Then finally the internet is a good communicator which is the most important aspect of being a good friend. So do you really think google is making us stupid? Or is the advancement of technology intimidating the older generation?
In the beginning of Carr’s article he talked about a personal experience he had as a writer. He felt like someone was in his head “tinkering with his brain”. He claimed that his research performances has changed and that “his concentration often drifts away from the text after several pages”. However, I think he is just getting older and his mind is starting to wonder off.…

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