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Human always thinks they are smarter than any other species because they are smart enough to build technologies which help they to dominate the earth. However, some people consider those technologies decrease our intelligence, and Nicholas Carr is one of them. His essay "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" states the internet makes our brain changed. He discovers this problem by noticing he becomes more and more distractible when he reads a long article because he always Google the information he needs. He gives us a scientific research which shows lots of people are experiencing this kind of problem. He believes we use different part of the brain to read from network and paper, so we are losing our ability of critical thinking and deep reading due …show more content…
Carr believes that “Our ability to interpret text, to make the rich mental connections that form when we read deeply and without distraction, remains largely disengaged”. (Carr 94) Our way of thinking is different from machines. Human is more interested in “How” and “Why” questions, but machines only can answer “What” questions. Therefore, machines can never evaluate an essay, yet they are good at searching things and calculate numbers, also they will never feel bored. We use them to extract the things we want from tons of information, and they often did a nice job. While we rely on the machines, we realize that we can also use machines’ way to improve our effectiveness. Specifically, on the internet, the renewal frequency is too fast, so we are easy to outmoded. Just like machines, instead of reading the whole article, we tend to read the key words and short summery only. However, some articles contain deep meaning, and they are hard to understand until we take time and read it several times. A short summery of an article doesn’t provide enough information for us to answer “How” and “Why” questions, so our understanding is stopped at the surface meaning. It just like we ignore all the scenery in the journey because we are too rash to reach the terminal of the journey. Moreover, medias know people prefer summaries, so they provide shorter summaries for us. Our patience of understanding the deep meaning is gone within this circle. If we are unable to understand the deep meaning, we will not create the deep meaning in our own

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