What 's The Chances Of This Dream Coming True? Essay

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I am writing this "I can 't believe I am doing this" and "What 's the chances of this dream coming true". Feeling anxious, slightly embarrassed, and optimistic. So here goes. I know how you enjoying making people happy by sharing your wealth and ability with charities and volunteer projects. Your eco-friendly awareness is also a common interest.
I am wanting to have my Mom 's residence remodeled/rebuilt. A definite remodel, if not a demolition and build new. This house was built in the sixties. It is a ranch style buff colored brick home with a (once finished and livable) basement on 1 1/4 acre. My Parents purchased it around the time of my birth in 1975. Minimal upkeep has been done over the years since my Father 's death in 1991 causing the current and worsening structural damage. Since water began leaking into the downstairs continual issues with mold, mildew and fungus throughout the home and are increasing concerns for our health. We have some beautiful scenery here on the hill overlooking the MO Dept of Conservation Marion Bottom and MO River. Trees are overgrown and if removed will provide a vast and far view. It has serious structural issues inside and out. Foundation walls and basement floor is cracked/shifted. Retaining walls on either side of carport are cracked and will give away very soon. leaky plumbing, rotted wood, uneven floor ground. mold, mildew and fungal issues upstairs and downstairs because each time it rains water comes in through the foundation…

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