What 's One Of The Most Nerve? Things About Looking Into College?

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What’s one of the most nerve racking things about looking into college? Finding a place to stay of course! Going to college for almost any student can get expensive. A good portion of students who are in school are living on a strict budget. When searching for a place to live, some things to keep in mind are commute, rent price, and setting aside money for food. There are many options for living, but for now we’ll focus on four: renting an apartment, a dorm, fraternity/sorority housing, or even staying at home.
Apartments could range anywhere from $350 all the way up o $1000. Renting an apartment can be stressful. Some students even come together and share an apartment just to save money. The down side to trying to get an apartment are that students have to look at what’s actually included in the rent. The things that need to be kept in mind are: gas, water, electric, and other amenities such as cable and internet.
Students also have to remember to think about the laundry situation. Is there washer and dryer hookups in the apartment or is there a laundromat and how much is the laundromat? The commute also is a big thing when looking for an apartment. How easily could you get to the campus or library when you need to? Some students will jump at the first apartment they find, however, students need to remember to read he lease all the way through and never sign any kind of lease before seeing said apartment first.
Some students will opt for a dorm room. Dorms yearly costs for…

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