What 's Killing Poor White Women By Edward Mcclelland Essay

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In discussions of The American Dream, a large part of the conversation would be if the American Dream is still alive and reachable to everybody. Many like to see it as the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel but has the whole idea of it been completely demolished by the ever changing nature of society. Evidence of the American Dream no longer being a real possibility can be seen in , “RIP, the middle class:1946-2013,” by Edward McClelland which extinguishes the notion that people, in this day and age, have an abundance of opportunity at their doorstep and that in fact, there are extra obstacles now put in our paths. Monica Potts, “What 's Killing Poor White Women,” reminds us that education is a more sure path and the key to a fulfilling and successful future that needs to be held of more value, through the story of a middle aged white poor woman dying with no real explanation and the possibility of her daughter having the same future if she would have followed in her footsteps. On the other hand others ooze out the American dream and everything it stands for in, “Bring on More Immigrant Entrepreneurs,” the life of Shayan Zadeh illustrates everything hopeful and inspiring by using his own difficult experiences in obtaining success and prosperity, especially as an immigrant, in America. McClelland, Potts, and Zadeh all write on the difficulties of life and all three are evidence to show that the American Dream can no longer be easily obtained due to circumstances-many…

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