What You Shouldn T Go Away To Me Essay

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JOURNEY I. CONQUER THE BLANK PAGE Every time I want to start a writing, I like to think deep of what I am going to write and organize well. To persuade the reader is very important for me. I like to use examples based on real events or people. Many times I make a connection about my topic and my lifestyle or events that occur that related to the topic.

JOURNEY II. REVISING AN ESSAY Going back to what I wrote is very important. To change the errors and mistakes I made in my essay is good for me because I always be careful when I am writing. Reviewing my essay is one of my strategies. I always go back to the beginning and read it to myself before I turned it; if I have a time I like to add more information into my essay.

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Somalia is in civil war since 1991. The civil war claimed the lives of millions of civilians. The horrors of this tragedy have never got away. The U.S. and their allies came in Somalia in 1992, and they arrived in boats. Just months after the war that took down the military government. After the U.S. left country, the civil war peaked it highest. Murder, looting, and robberies became a daily basis. Education was limited before the U.S. invaded the country’s education was free for all kids until graduating high school. When I was fifth grade, I remember going to the school knowing that my parents didn’t make the payment. I stood outside hoping to get sympathy from my teachers wishing that they would let me in that day. I told myself, “Maybe if the Americans wouldn’t come, you wouldn’t stand here.” This argument paper is important to me because many people lost their lives defending their country and many went against them. Even though the U.S.took many refugees from Somalia to American land, but the homeland will never be the same again. Many generations affect the war including

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