Essay on What You Learned About Project Management

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This memo provides a basic summary of the project management profession, the advantages of joining professional associations, and current availability of articles and research material available on the intranet.
What you learned about project management in general
Project management is about organizing and managing the success of a project to increase organization Project Portfolios and Stakeholder satisfaction. A recent research report stated that the United States is spending more than 2 trillion dollars every year on projects, with 21% of those ending in failure. An effective Project Manager must understand key competencies and possess the skills to provide leadership and management strategies to organize, control, and direct a project to completion using a combination of technical and personal skills. Project Managers understand how to develop a strong team, prioritize, delegate, and monitor objectives. The demand for knowledgeable and competently trained project managers is growing at a rapid pace and developing talent for this fast growing profession has a high priority in the educational and professional industries. Professionals must be dedicated to ethical conduct, understand business, be flexible, and have a core knowledge of project management and performance competency skills.
Reviewing this material as an entry-level student leaves me feeling incompetent and slightly overwhelmed, as I look at the course assignments for this quarter.
What you thought of…

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