What You Have Learned About History Essay

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Discuss what you have learned about the study of history as it applies to the modern world. Describe how you could apply to our lives today what you have learned from the event you have studied. Be sure to reference specific contemporary issues. For instance, what specific issues that we encounter today could benefit from lessons learned from your event?
The best lesson that I have come to learned is and what we all can take away is about how studying history applies to the modern world is “change,” and understanding that history can be very valuable when trying to solve and understand today’s problems. I have a new perspective on how I view history; then I did a few months ago. When I first thought about history, it was only about all those special events that happened in the past and not how it had an impact on my future we live in. Therefore, today the utilization or the benefits from what we learned about historical events are more like a tool that will help us think outside the box, conduct good research to find answers, give us respect for what our ancestors accomplished so we can learn from the good and the bad mistakes that were made. It is like in the Corfield article (2008); people study the past, because it has a link to the future, and what past individuals and events accomplished so we can learn from them in order to have a better future.
Even though the decision to drop the atomic bomb is still one of the most, conversary debates still going on today, yet,…

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